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Hampa Engineering Corporation

HAMPA Engineering Corporation was founded in 1994 on the basis of cooperation and investment of 36 experienced companies which all were members of the Iranian syndicate of Mechanical, Electrical, and Industrial contractors. The fields of activities of these contractors were the execution of whole or some phases of industrial and non-industrial projects, such as project management, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning .Therefore they established HAMPA in order to meet market demands and step into large-scale industrial projects, particularly in petrochemical fields.

Today, independently acting as an EPCC contractor, with a strong body of educated and experienced personnel, HAMPA plays a key role in Iran’s national industrial projects.

HAMPA Engineering Corporation is a private joint stock company registered under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran with presently 43 shareholding companies.While these companies possess small portions of HAMPA shares, decisions are made independently by the Board of Directors. Nevertheless, such decisions are made with full coordination and participation of the shareholding companies who have drawn common goals and strategies for the on-going market and projects. It is HAMPA’s main policy to facilitate utmost contribution of the shareholding companies in different projects.

This unique configuration is aimed to support capable Iranian companies in the market to the maximum possible extent of involvement executing the projects with best quality in the shortest time and at the most optimized cost. This spirit leads to outstanding endeavor and interest in participating in various projects, and significant efforts which would result in successful plants by following an A to Z project execution strategy.

It should also be remarked that HAMPA has established its own affiliated companies in Germany, Turkey, and Malaysia in order to manage and execute all international works and activities related to HAMPA for international projects, including procurement of off-shore equipment and materials, technical and contractual negotiations with licensors, vendors, and foreign companies.